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Sugar sandwich with GAM buttercream

My farmer friend, Milo Mitchel of Sebastopol, CA., brought me a 1/2 pint jar of Gravenstein apple ‘molasses’ (GAM). This product is something special! Milo is definitely an ‘in the ground’ thinker and very creative, patient and passionate http://milomitchel.com/.

The jar of GAM sat on my shelf for a few weeks. Like a bouquet of flowers, I noticed the jar everytime I walked through my kitchen.

Milo and my daughter, Maggie, were scheduled for dinner at the end of the week.  I started tossing dessert ideas over in my empty head space; lots of space! and a common pass time. This recipe came out of the mental mixer.  A recipe that provides a good nest and scoop to pick up a pillowy, creamy, buttery filling well mixed with GAM.  In this recipe, the bouquet discovers apple, the first taste is buttercream and the tail of taste is Gravenstein apple molasses.  Definitely, an adult cookie with a base in the Gravenstein culture of Sebastopol and West Sonoma County.


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