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Mid-May weather warms up the deep valley and in that valley is the drop-dead-gorgeous McCloud River.  I’ve been fly fishing along side and through that river for many years.  As soon as I see the river, my health improves by the minute; the quiet reenergizes my soul and the athletic moments of pushing against rushing currents and balancing on moss covered freestones at the bottom of the river remind my muscles that there’s more to life than city strolls or regional park day-hikes.

I’m leaving on Wednesday to camp along the river at Ah Di Nah. The hot days and cool nights will bring some stoneflies and perhaps salmonflies to the river’s surface. Blue winged olive mayflies will likely provide a subtle and dazzling color show as they rise like a full moon on the far side of the river.  When all else fails I pull at my Parachute Adams for the evening hatch.

By the end of an amazing day, which for me is always at or near dark, I’m ready for a beer with chips and salsa before dinner preparation.  I pay the price for fishing enjoyment by prepping dinner in pretty dark surroundings.  I will say we usually fish during the new moon cycle (so the fish aren’t eating at night as they do with a full moon) . . . so the sky is dark and stars . .  . bright.

Fast forward to after dinner, around 10 pm., in a camp chair, stretched out leg and feet distance from the fire.  Red wine is out and now it’s cookie time! My go-to cookies for camping on the McCloud are Chocolate Chip with Walnuts and Almost Totally Chocolates.  Both are superb with a good hearty red wine.  For me, in this moment, my day is complete, with satisfaction at every turn.

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